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Welcome to the Cascade Vein Center. Dr. Mirande and his dedicated team pride themselves in using the latest proven non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques for treating the full spectrum of venous disorders. In our office, we are able to clear unsightly spider veins, permanently treat heavy, aching legs with large visible varicose veins, and even treat chronically draining wounds and ulcers until healed.

Legs without Vericose Veins

We complete a thorough on-site ultrasound evaluation of your vascular system to identify the underlying cause of your symptoms. Treatments are then personalized in order to give you the longest lasting results and relief.

Dr. Mirande and the Cascade Vein Center team wants you to feel better, look better, and return to enjoying your favorite activities as soon as possible.

Please, enjoy the information provided here and contact the office with further questions or to schedule a consultation.

Cascade Vein Center is committed to providing our patients with the best in vein care so they can enjoy their lives to the fullest.


After my surgery I felt so good.


Your office staff was very professional.


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